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The FOR 3P Trade Fair will be held under the auspices of THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE and THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE

The Trade Fair which is currently under preparation is considered as a significant contribution to public presentation of the industrial branches concerned and for further development of the corporate know-how, and therefore it has obtained support from two of the leading state administration representatives. The project will be held under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ing. Martin Říman, and also under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Mgr. Petr Gandalovič.
The support obtained from the two Ministries proves that the idea of interconnection of the industrial branches of food processing, packaging technologies and printing technologies is a way in the right direction, and is welcomed not only by potential exhibitors, but also by the top authorities of the sector, among which the above mentioned Ministries surely belong.   (7.7.2008)   read more >>

To FOR ARCH 2008 for the first time by Prague Metro

Even though we will have to wait still for a few months till the beginning of the largest building trade fair in the Czech Republic “FOR ARCH”, the preparatory work for its commencement is fully underway. The 19th edition of For Arch which is to start in the Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre on 23 September and will last till 27 September will bring several innovations, and the most important news is that it will be for the first time when visitors can arrive at the Exhibition Centre by Metro.   (22.5.2008)   read more >>

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