Parameters of the Exhibition Centre

Parameters of the Exhibition Halls

  • Concrete floors with a load bearing capacity of 1500 kg/m2 (the load bearing capacity can be technologically increased, according to the requirements of the exhibits)
  • A network of technical channels for the supply of energy mediums into the expositions (electricity, water, sewerage system, Internet, telephone, fax, compressed air)
  • Hot-air heating, possibly ventilation
  • Possibility of hanging banners from the hall ceiling structure
  • Supply gate for extra large exhibits (up to 5 x 5 m)
  • The clear height (in the Halls 2, 3, 4 and 6) is 9 m all over the area (for the construction of level expositions)
  • Interconnection necks between the halls for a comfortable passage without leaving indoor premises
  • Increase in the quality of lower ceilings with the help of textile decorations, possibly with colour illumination
  • It is possible to use the halls also for various cultural events, such as concerts, theatre performances with a capacity of approximately 2700 seats

Services for events

  • Technical distribution systems of electricity, water, sewerage system, compressed air, Internet, telephone
  • Lease and laying of aisle carpets
  • Cleaning of expositions, cleaning in the halls
  • Disposal of waste with the use of large-volume containers
  • Production activities
  • Forwarding services, disposal of packaging material, lease of high-lift trucks, transport of exhibits to expositions
  • Catering services, with meals distribution to the stands
  • Restaurants, cafés, stands with refreshment
  • Basic health service
  • Advertising messages enunciated by the public address system
  • Hostess services
  • Flower services
  • Photographers
  • Call boxes
  • Insurance of expositions in site

Advertising areas

  • All-year-round advertising billboards with the basic dimensions of 2400 x 5200 mm
  • Possibility of lease of billboard structures also out of the PVA Centre
  • Advertising areas in indoor premises of the facility with a possibility of the all-year-round lease
  • Assurance of billboard installation

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